At Hi-Line Builders we offer a variety of specialized carpentry. General carpenters, often referred to as rough carpenters or framers — particularly in the residential side of the industry — usually work in two or more carpentry styles. Although their name comes from the structural work that serves as the bones of a house or commercial building, they often install roofs, floors, drywall, cabinets, trim and/or insulation. Where work is plentiful, crews may choose to specialize, performing only the structural work that isn’t seen once the home is finished.

Rough carpenters may further specialize as joisters, who lay the structure that supports floors, or roofers, who erect rafters and trusses and lay the roof sheathing. Another common description of roofers focuses only on applying the overlay material that prevents water from penetrating a roof, such as shingles shakes or rolled roofing.

Finish carpenters, joiners or trim carpenters prepare and install the ornamental trim, referred to in the trade as millwork. Their niche also includes wainscoting, coffered ceilings, mantles and any other precise carpentry that remains visible in a finished home. Cabinetmaking technically falls under this umbrella, though construction of cabinets and furniture usually takes place at a shop than at the construction site.