Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Hi-LIne Builders
  • Skills: Interior Design & Custom Build

You have the option to create a custom and unique modern bedroom with leather, hardwood and lacquer frame options. When it comes to our Deluxe Collection, remembering that “less is more” is important in creating your modern bedroom. All you need to design a modern bedroom is a modern bed with matching modern nightstands, dresser and mirror, and a beautiful modern light fixture. For those who prefer a more traditional bedroom, the classic European style furniture accomplishes just that. It is known for its intricate details, curved shapes, warm colors and large sizes. Eurostyle Modern Furniture store Montreal has classic European bedroom sets with a neo-baroque touch. The attention to curved detail, gold trimmings (or silver if preferred) and the large size of the pieces are homage to the baroque style which was a big mark in Europe’s classical history in interior design.